13 Weeks & 1 Week Until Gender Reveal!!

WOW! I Can’t believe I am already in the 2nd trimester of my 2nd pregnancy and that in just one short week, we will know the gender of our unborn child!!!
(Here are a few ultrasounds from when i was only 9 weeks 5 days)



We are going to go to Miracle In Progress In Henderson to find out baby’s gender early. We just can’t wait! LOL! They Guarantee gender at 14 weeks, and 14 weeks on the dot we are going to find out! We used Miracle In Progress to find out Julia’s gender when I was pregnant with her in 2011. They were spot on then & I trust them to be correct again.
Hahahaha! So exciting! So Now its the final countdown! 6 days and counting!!!

It really doesn’t matter what the baby’s gender is either way since we already have one amazing baby girl. I mean, we can see the benefits of having either gender to be honest.

If we have another baby girl, then our Daughter will have a lil sister – and sisters are awesome! Not to mention we wont have to buy nearly as much stuff because we already have everything to pass down from our daughter. So Having another lil girl would be awesome.

BUT, If we have a lil boy this go around.. well then we have one of each. And what parent DOESN’T want one of each? Hehehe.

See where I’m going with this?

So really we are just happy that we are being blessed with another lil one to love and protect. All we REALLY want is a healthy baby (and Momma) during this pregnancy! But just because it “doesn’t mater”, doesn’t mean we don’t want to know!

So Now begins the countdown and the guessing games! A Friend of mine (who also happens to be a photographer) is going to do my gender reveal photos for me when we find out. She has decided to play a lil guessing game with a prize for the winner. What’s The Prize? A Free Awesome Photo Shoot Done By Her.

Here is the flyer for her guessing game contest.

(If you click on the photo it will take you to her page where you can enter as well)


I Will post the big reveal next Saturday!

Ahhhh I cant take the suspense!

Till next time!



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